MyGuardian Smart Care System

「MyGuardian smart care system」 is an advanced in-bed monitoring platform designed specifically for hospitals/institutions.  It has been clinically tested with high level of accuracy.  Through multiple motion sensors embedded inside medical grade mattresses, and incorporating AIoT technology, every in-bed motion is continuously tracked, analyzed and alerts sent to caregivers for actionable events such as bed exit, re-positioning.  The care data collection and analysis are done without patient wearing any device.

With our system, care provider can improve caregiver work efficiency and enhance quality of care.

Invisible assistant for better care

Smart Mattress

Through patented sensing technology and MWG advanced analytics, resident in-bed state is calculated and false-alarm is carefully filtered.

Personalized Setting

Alerts setting can be tailored to the mobility of individual resident and daily activities.

Omnipresent Care

Real-time status of all residents under care are available on nurse station computer, E-cart as well as mobile devices (through App).

Personalized Report

Each resident’s in-bed states, alerts and sleep statistics can be displayed and available for download.


Bed Fall Prevention

The system will instantly send alarm to caregivers if patient attempts to leave bed. First line of defense to prevent bed fall.

Bedsores Prevention

Customizable reposition reminders to reduce incidence of pressure sores.

Enhancing management effectiveness

Keep tabs on each patient’s status and motion history with ease. API is available for integration with existing back end system.