The MyGuardian Smart Care System is an in-bed monitoring system that utilizes multiple advanced technologies to prevent bed-fall accidents and care-related injuries. The system is purposely designed for hospitals, long-term care institutions, and nursing homes with the purpose of improving quality of care and reducing caregiver workload.

The system detects patient in-bed motion with sensors embedded in its medical grade mattress topper. The system immediately alerts caregivers in emergent situations like attempted bed-exits and preventing bed sore as well as zero-pulse and respiration situations. In addition to critical alerts, the system records sleep statistics and provide trend to compare.


How MyGuardian Smart Care System works?

Smart Mattress

Invisible sensing make residents feel more comfortable

Feature :

  • Invisible Sensing.
  • Medical grade mattresses – antibacterial, water resistant, flame retardant.
  • Unaffected by bed posture (back/foot rise)
  • Automatic bed-off lighting to reduce accidents caused by dim light.

Smart Care Platform

Through the calculated and filtered data to the system, and analyze it into useful personal reports.

  • Personalized alerts setting
  • Centralized with real-time status update
  • Status available on nurse station console, mobile devices and E-cart
  • API available for integration
  • Role-based management
  • Independent low-power wireless mesh network, avoiding interference with your in-house Wifi.
Personalization Report
  • Alert and Reset Record
  • Sleep Statistics
  • In-Bed Activities
  • History archive